‘Blog Post,’ ‘Video,’ ‘Podcast Episode,’ ‘Article,’ ‘Story,’ ‘Report’ … Yikes! Here’s This Journalist’s Proposed Umbrella Term for All Those Words

Alysha V. Scarlett
2 min readApr 1, 2024

So many terms are used for what we consume from new and traditional media. Terms for very much the same thing! Is there an umbrella term for all those words?

Yes (clearly and resoundingly).

Now, before I say it, I acknowledge something about the adjective of just the two-word phrase of which I thought. The adjective is a word that in recent years has spread like wildfire in society.

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(New media depiction) (graphic credit: University of Phoenix)

Would a good umbrella term be “content piece?”

The noun “piece” came to mind because that has long been a favorable term to describe articles, especially written ones. But having “content” as the adjective helps split the difference between the highest and lowest-quality content pieces. (Helps split the difference besides indeed being an umbrella term.)

“Piece of content” would also work well. That’s just in passive voice and you are supposed to write in active voice as much as…



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